Carla Cohen

Carla Cohen

Originally from Florida, Carla is a self-taught mixed media artist currently living in Prior Lake, Minnesota.

Art has always been a part of her life. As a little girl, you could find her tucked away in her room for hours drawing, painting, making collages, whatever she could do to use her hands in a self-expressive way.

She had big dreams of going to art school, but ended up in school for business, pursuing a degree in Marketing. Disillusioned by a career path in corporate America, she finally made the leap to pursue her creative passions and driving entrepreneurial spirit.

Painted Hands

It began with a papercrafting company, then a jewelry line, and finally a food blog. Throughout these endeavors, she found herself in her studio yearning to make art. For her, it’s a gateway to self-discovery and has always been the greatest form of therapy.

She finds inspiration for art everywhere and is continuously drawn to nature and loves the exploration of color, texture, and pattern that it brings. Her work is also influenced by her love of paper and bringing different elements together to create a visual story.